2025 Safari

Journey with Jonathan in South Africa

October 6 - 15, 2025

Jonathan Butler is returning once more to his place of birth in 2025, and invites you to join him as he embarks on this very personal pilgrimage to proudly share his humble beginnings -- where it all started for him as a young rising artist in the face of adversity and personal struggles. And through it all he remains proudly South African relishing the opportunity to showcase "his" South Africa - its beautiful scenery, natural wildlife, rich heritage and gracious people.

With Jonathan holding nothing less than a deep and unselfish love for his beloved South Africa, he welcomes you to enjoy not only in all its beauty, but also to understand its past and present struggles with diversity and the long road to reconciliation - and to share this through his eyes and footsteps in the only way Jonathan knows how -- in celebration with story and song.